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Migration Tool EpicFail

Jan 16, 2011 at 7:57 PM

Starting with a 3.7 site, the migration tool does not compile because of the CmsManager constructor not matching the code. We discover that this project requires service pack 4. Update and it compiles. Good so far.

Next, we attempt to get counts before we do the migration. Tool fails consistently with DataDictionary exception that the item already exists. Reboot machine and this went away.

Next, we successfully get counts and are able to migrate everything except Templates and Roles. Starting each singly just hangs and appears to move no data. No matter, we can move all the other items (or so we thought).

No data actually appeared to come over, and that may have been because of the templates. No matter, we thought-- much of the data was there like pictures and files.

We attempted to re-create the site by copying from the old and pasting into the new. This went swimmingly until we attempted to drop in the first image from the database. The thumbnail did not match the actual underlying file. You experience it by dropping an image item, selecting a photo from the thumbnail, and you get a very different image. Select the thumbnail of the image you actually got and the link is broken.

My suggestion: abandon this tool immediately. Instead, create a SQL script to move the data.

After my experience with Telerik, Sitefinity, and Gabe Sumner (Telerik Evangelist) at Dallas Give Camp, I will never have a Telerik product at any shop I code for.

Feb 17, 2011 at 5:12 PM

I think you need to give Telerik a little credit.  Sitefinity 4 is a completely new product, that was release just before GiveCamp.  Have you ever released a brand new product with no issues upon launch?  Not even features on the product team's *wish* list?  Additionally, when you used the tool, it was in an alpha status - did you not see that?  Personally, I'm impressed with the product and Telerik's level of support.